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Leadership Coaching

Coaching is an essential tool for growing companies to help their people rapidly develop new leadership behaviours and awareness. It can ease the difficult shift from doing to leading when people first step into leadership roles. And give senior leaders a valuable perspective on themselves that they can’t get from their team.

Leadership coaching focuses on areas such as gravitas and influence, productivity and time management, managing others and raising self awareness to improve decision making, confidence and happiness.

Our leadership coaching packages include:

  • 1 x coaching goals session

  • 6 x 90min sessions which take place every 4-6 weeks

  • Triad kick off and review sessions with HR or company sponsor (optional)

  • Private meeting space at 23 locations in central London for face to face meetings

  • Follow ups, homework setting and accountability comms

We work directly with senior leaders or via HR teams. Video coaching for international clients is also available.

Check out our FAQs page for more details on coaching.

Liz has guided me through a process that has enabled me to see myself and my behaviours more clearly, allowing me to make more effective decisions at work and generally feel much happier about what I’m doing.
— Customer Experience Director, Tech company

Team and Group Facilitation

Whether it’s 10 or 120 people, our expert facilitators and coaches will design the perfect experience for you and your team to share, think, create and align together.

We’ll work with you to design the agenda, workshop exercises and experience to achieve your desired outcomes. Be that a new strategy direction, defining your purpose and values or developing new awareness and trust to become a high performing team. We can help you find the right location and catering and design branded materials as takeaways for the event. Let us know your brief.


Growth strategy

As consultants we work alongside you and your senior team to provide a fresh pair of eyes to your business, culture and leadership growth challenges. Using a mixture of coaching, facilitation and strategy, we’ll develop a programme of work to improve your proposition, processes and people. Example consulting packages are below:

Strategy Review

A strategic review of your business to understand your gaps, strengths, pain points and issues so we can prioritise work and focus areas for growth.

Purpose, Vision + Goals

Defining and aligning your team on why you exist and where you're heading as a business. Creating a compelling vision, purpose and mission statements which will inform a refined proposition.

Proposition and targets

Defining your USP and a unique position in the market vs your competitors and identifying your sweet spot clients. Translating this into key messages and a brand voice for your marketing materials.


Structure + Roles

Design your org structure and roles to suit your stage of growth and then clearly define the responsibilities of each role using a RACI framework.

New business toolkit

Mapping your new business process to establish pain points, and opportunities to improve. Creating a new process and library of resources which can be easily shared as you scale.


Educate and align your sales or account handling teams to identify the pain points and opportunities for 'surprise and delight' moments in your client experience.

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