Coaching and consulting to improve leadership and reduce growing pains in creatively-led businesses.



Coaching founders, leaders and high potential employees to improve leadership behaviours such as self awareness, resilience, communication and decision making.

- High potential development coaching
- Leadership performance coaching


Designing and facilitating group experiences which allow teams to align, learn new skills, improve ways of working and make better decisions together.

- Company or team offsite workshops
- Leadership programmes
- Training and skills development


Consulting and mentoring creative businesses to define and develop their propositions and implement strategies to make them happen.

- Proposition, brand and marketing
- Business development strategy
- Managing cultural change


From digital agencies to brands and tech companies, charities to learning organisations.

My clients share in common a progressive mindset towards leadership, people development and a recognition that outside help will help them get where they want to go faster.



Cove was founded by Liz Whitney in 2016. Having spent 18 years working in marketing, design and digital product development agencies, Liz has a deep understanding of tech and creative service businesses and what makes them tick.

It was while she was a member of the London leadership team at ustwo, that she experienced first hand the transformative impact of coaching on individuals and teams. 

Passionate about helping other people and businesses grow, she went on to train as a Business and Leadership coach with the highly respected Barefoot Coaching.

Photography by  Stacey Yates  2016

Photography by Stacey Yates 2016

Liz’s coaching and consultancy has played a key role in helping our agency to reach new heights strategically and operationally.
— Bob Gallagher, Founder of Appsynth

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